About us

About us

Plastamen company for the production of appliances and plasticization

“Plastamen” is very successful in the area of producing machines, equipment and devices for plastification. By the electrostatic power of these devices it is possible to apply the powder even on non-metallic materials like wood, mediapan, glass, ceramic, rock, gypsum… When constructing these devices, there is a compromise between Western European quality and a price adjusted to the domestic market.

The devices that we produce successfully function in more than 200 domestic and foreign firms which deal with production of metal elements or their basic activity is service of plastification. After almost two decades of experience, “PLASTAMAT” devices, according to their performance, can be measured with the devices of Western European producers.

“Plastamen” as a leading domestic producer of machines for plastification, offers benefits when new devices are being purchased. To our old customers we offer exchange of the devices, “old for new”, and the price difference for the new can be paid in several installments. Customers now also have in the offer used appliances with a 12-month warranty with a reduced price of 1000 Euros from the price of the new appliance.

Besides services and production of machines for plastification, “Plastamen” is always ready to give advice and meet the needs of the customers or future colleges with consulting.

The company, “Plastamen”, will meet your request in the area of fixing eventual technological problems that can occur in your workshop of metal plastification. The interested can turn to us for advice for the technology of powder coating of mediapan.

- Plastamats are reliable and easy to handle and maintain.
- Excellent prices for spare parts.
- Fast service spares You thousands of Euros expenses of maintenance and offers maximal productivity
- React wisely and you will create the best source of income.
- You will be able to paint a bigger surface with lower expenses.
- This offer cannot be compared with other offers on our market because you will not be able to find PLASTAMAT performances and options for less money.
- Use the opportunity now, because this is the best time to spare 10%
There is no risk! You will get a reliable device with:
High performances
Brilliant service
Easy handling
Lowest long-lasting operating expenses.
Visit us and you will see our devices in action.
If you can`t come personally, you can call us and we will demonstrate you some of our models of Plastamat. You can also try some of the PLASTAMAT devices in order to get a personal offer. Have the following in mind: this offer is limited by time! So, don`t hesitate!

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